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Мероприятие посвящено памяти самого яркого русского военного мыслителя второй половины XX века.

Moscow Defense Brief

#3 (65), 2018

The Moscow Defense Brief is published by the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST). Founded in 2004, Moscow Defense Brief provides Russian perspectives on security and defense issues to readers within and beyond Russia’s borders. Moscow Defense Brief serves as a reliable source of public information and unbiased analysis on all aspects of Russia’s policy and defense industry activities. The journal is an important resource for foreign governments, policy makers, political and economic experts, defense industry stakeholders, and a wide range of researchers interested in Russian and/or CIS affairs. The content of Moscow Defense Brief is provided by CAST staff in cooperation with affiliated experts and journalists from Russia and other CIS countries, and is distributed internationally in partnership with East View Press and the Conflict Studies Research Centre (CSRC).

Номер: #3 (65), 2018

  • Potential Consequences of US Withdrawal From the Iran Nuclear Deal
  • New Russian MRAP Vehicles in Syria
  • Advanced Research Foundation: Five Years of Secret Efforts
  • Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation
  • Aleksey Krivoruchko, New Deputy Defense Minister for Armaments
  • Outcomes of the Russian Military Campaign in Syria
  • Russian Machine Guns
  • Russian Participation in International Military Drills in 2012-2014