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The Ogarkov Readings conference is dedicated to the memory of Marshal of the Soviet Union Nikolay Ogarkov – the brightest Russian military thinker of the second half of the 20th century who anticipated the concept of Revolution in Military Affairs.

Moscow Defense Brief # 6, 2016 is released

Moscow Defense Brief # 6, 2016 is released Read in the issue:

  • Power Transfer in Uzbekistan: are the Fears Justified?
  • Arms Trade Between Ukraine and Vietnam
  • Mi Attack Helicopters: Use in Recent Conflicts and Export Potential
  • Russian SLBM: Current State and Outlook
  • Belarusian Army: Current State and Outlook
  • The Russian Marine Corps
  • Russian Military Snipers
  • Russia’s Eastern Military District
  • Book Review: “The Syrian Frontier”

Date: 30.12.2016