Eksport Vooruzheniy

№3'2017 (May-June)

Eksport Vooruzheniy (Arms Exports) is Russia’s research journal focusing on defense industry and arms trade issues. The first issue was published by the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) in 1997.

The journal is a bi-monthly. Its subscribers include Russian government agencies and defense industry players, financial institutions, embassies, Russian and foreign research institutions and defense industry experts and journalists.

Eksport Vooruzheniy is published in Russian only. For subscription details and sample articles, please visit the Russian version of our web site. For the English-language audience, we publish the Moscow Defense Brief, a quarterly that includes brief versions of some Eksport Vooruzheniy articles, as well as original pieces.

Issue: №3'2017 (May-June)

  • In Search For Reserves for Increasing Arms Exports - Pakistan
  • Economy of Paksitan
  • Expansionism of the Arab Countries After 2011
  • World Arms Market in the First Quarter of 2017
  • The First Foreign Order of Embraer KC-390
  • Thailand's Arms Market
  • Interview with the CEO ofConcern CSRI Elektropribor Vladimir Peshekhonov
  • Russian-Turkish Arms Trade: A New Beginning?
  • Chinese Developers and Producers of ATGMs
  • France's Arms Exports Report 2016
  • Tetis Pro Company
  • The Columbian COTECMAR Shipbuilding Company